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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions of what can go into our bins, feel free to call and discuss your project and needs. Below is a list of items that are not allow, allowed with additional disposal fees or regulated.

What can you NOT throw away in our Funky Junk Dumpsters:
No Paint
No Oil
No Chemicals
No liquids
No Other Hazardous Materials
Banned and Hazardous materials will have additional cleaning and disposal fees charged back to customer.

These items can be disposed at your local Tox Drop Locations
These items are regulated by the state and special disposal fees will apply per item.
Refrigerators (all sizes) : $100 each
TV's , CPU monitors, Laptops, Microwaves : $ 35 each
Tires: $20 each
Batteries : $25 each
Heavy Items :
Bricks, rocks, concrete, tile, shingles, dirt and other heavy items are allowed. However, these will quickly exceed the included 1 Ton disposal allowance and overages will apply. Do Not exceed 3 tons (6,000 lbs) in our bins.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 317-743-3865

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